Monday, March 3, 2014


I am so upset!! Between the time I first read Dallin's email this morning and on my phone and carried on a short conversation back and forth with him and then went to find it on my computer to post to the blog it was gone!!  Every other email is there except the initial email from him!!  I can't find it anywhere!!

Here is a summary of what he said:

He had a lot of ups and downs in the week.  They taught F, one of their investigators with a scheduled baptism date.  But when they told him he had to quit smoking it didn't go over well.  F didn't like being told what he could and couldn't do.  Dallin and his companion have been unable to reach him since.  Neither F nor his wife were at church on Sunday and the baptism will not take place as scheduled.

Dallin and his companion went on splits to Romerike and Dallin got to work with Elder J, one of his sons.  Dallin loved working with him again and said he had seen a lot of growth.  Dallin loved hearing about what had gone on in Trondheim after he left.

Dallin mentioned a miracle that they had seen yesterday after church.  A man approached them and said come with me to pray.  He put them in his taxi and drove them.  They realized he was driving them to a member's house.  Dallin and his companion gave the member a blessing because he had been sick.  In talking to the member and after giving the blessing, the taxi driver committed to listening to the discussions and to baptism!  Dallin said it was just the craziest thing!! (Dallin didn't say how the taxi driver knew to get the missionaries or how he knew the member)

I am sure that there are other things that Dallin said in his letter that I am forgetting to mention.  After all I only read it once early this morning.  He did send some pictures in separate emails though from their bonfire last week.  I also got a picture from the senior missionary couple of Dallin sitting at the computer sending me the pictures!!

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