Monday, April 7, 2014


Hey there! 
Dang, that kid cannot be 3 already! I remember when he was born, that was just like a month ago!  Time goes way too fast.
I think I am going to take questions first.  Yes, we got to watch conference!  We watched it at the center with all of the YSA.  It was really awesome.  I will talk more about that later though.  Unfortunately no, I haven't gotten to work with my essays yet.  Things have been super busy!  However I am going to start on them this week, I hope.  I have thought about a major, and I was actually thinking about political science.  That is not set in stone as of yet though.  If I were to do english I think I would choose an emphasis on reading.   I love learning and getting more knowledge. We shall see though.  And yep, I am still speaking dialect!  It is harder than it was in Trondheim but a member gave me a Trøndersk dialect book which is helping me keep it up though!

But ya, my week.  This one has been a crazy one that is for sure.  We had a lot happening this week.  Meetings, baptisms, splits, and much more.  But I guess I can just start from the beginning I guess.
On Wednesday we had mission leadership conference.  Elder W and I got there pretty early, so we got to sit down and enjoy some of Sister Evans' cinnamon rolls before everyone else got there.  But before the meeting started President called me into his office to talk to me.  The rest of the meeting went pretty good, but I had a hard time concentrating.  

After that meeting, I came back to Oslo alone.  Elder W went on splits in Drammen to witness a baptism.  I worked with Elders S and D.  That was pretty fun.  We got a lot done and were pretty busy. It was only for that Thursday, Elder W returned home that night.
Finally we had General conference!   That was absolutely amazing!  There were definitey some surprises though.  I was shocked that it was Tad R. Callister that was called as the Sunday school president, he will do a good job though.  The talks were all awesome.  Elder Bednar's talk was amazing. Other favorites were President Packer (I think that was his last talk, it reminded me of Mckonkies last one), Elder Holland, and Elder Oaks.  Elder Oaks is probably the winner though.  He just gave such a great defintion of the priesthood and how gods power and authority is a part of all of our lives.  

I have a lot of studying to do after conference!
Sunday was especially good though because we got to teach too.  We got to meet again with J H, after a 3 month break.  It was a great teach and culminated in another batpismal date!  So that was the greatest ways to end the week.  It was something we needed really bad.
I am just loving it here so much!  I can't really describe the feelings that come from serving a mission!  I just love it.  I look forward to the experiences ahead.  It should be pretty crazy.  I am way excited though!
Jeg elsker deg!  

Eldste Jones

P.S.  I loved my p-day last week.  I am totally playing tennis when I come home.

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