Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey there,

Once again, I have a super busy Monday.  We have already done all the monday chores and gone out and done service for a woman.  We now have a ton of stuff to do here in the office.

This next week will be crazy.  We have MLC tomorrow and then we are starting our workshops with President in the mission. The first one this week will be in Tønsberg.  That will be the Telemark zone.  It should be pretty fun.  

Other than that we have just a couple of days to work in our area.  Because of all the traveling we have been doing we have been getting swamped in our area.  We don't have any time to work with our own investigators.  That has been one of the most frustrating things about being in the office.  You just don't get enough time to be a missionary!  That is okay though, we have tons of cool experiences anyway!

First we got to go to Trondheim!  It was sweet, we were with the Mckenzies all night Monday. That was the longest day of the year and we had permission to stay up and see the midnight sun.  So we did that.  During the day we worked with the zone leaders.  I had some of the most spiritual contacts of my mission on that splits. We talked to this woman named C.  She just had all of the right questions.  I got to watch Elder C bear some super powerful testimony.  I have never wanted to teach someone so bad!  Anyways, it was by far the most spiritual contact I have had.  It is hard to explain over the phone though. 

I got to eat dinner with Sondre.  He seems to be doing good, but he is lacking direction.  So I have to start working with him so that we don't lose him when the Bradfords leave Trondheim.  They are leaving here next week. CRAZY!  It was good getting to speak with him though.  I loved it.

The few things that did happen in our area this week though were pretty cool though. There is a newly moved family here in Sandvika named the Edlunds. They were living in Sweden for a while but they moved here for the summer.  They met a guy Name Leif  and took him to church with them.  He is from Trondheim!  Needless to say, we got along pretty well.  We got to teach him one time as well.  It went really well, the Edlunds invited him to dinner and then we taught afterward.  It was so awesome to see members just doing the work without anyone telling them to do anything!  I really hope that this goes through!  We need to show the members that they can do the work themselves!  

We also have been able to work with our other investigator Jon-axel a lot.  He is doing a lot of progression right now.  His son was baptized a couple months ago and we are really trying to get him to follow with him.  He has been investigating for more than 5 years now though, so things are moving really slow.  I have to say though that I have never had more spiritual lessons than I do when I am with Jon-axel.  I hope to see something go through with it all.

We have had a ton of people come through the door with a lot of potential and for one or another reason they fall through!  Elder Wh and I really want a baptism together, and we are working really hard to make it happen.  

I am loving life though!  I don't think I have ever grown so much in my entire life.  It is freaking me out though because it is getting to be down to the amount of time that Elder Wh had when I got here.  When that is the case I am really going to freak out because then there will be like no time left at all!  Time never stops.  It is really unfortunate.  

I have already probably used to much time on this email as is... so I should get going!

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Eldste Jones

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