Monday, June 9, 2014



Well somehow another week has flown past. It seems like it goes by without evening blinking an eye.  I hope it starts slowing down though...  

Anyways, this last week has been pretty busy.  We had a million and a half things to do.  Somehow it all got done.  

I guess I can start with your questions first though.  This week was a lot slower with investigators.  R is going to India for vacation and then S was with his family.  So we really didn't get to meet with them all week.  That was a huge bummer... but we had a huge success with the Brazilian family! We didn't meet with them but we did get V (the son) to come to church with us.  The parents were on vacation but V stayed at home.  So we texted him and he said he didn't have any plans so he could come with us.  He came for all three hours of Church.  We really hope he enjoyed it and we hope that we he gives a good report to his parents.  We shall see when we meet with them this week.

Other than that we had some miracles happen to us. We were contacting in the town center and we were trying to find people talk to, but to no avail.  After an hour of getting worked we prayed and about 2 minutes later we walked down this path we had never walked down before. We taught two different people within minutes of each other.  The Lord definitely answered our prayers there.  It is crazy but I feel like these types of experiences are becoming the norm in my work as a missionary.  I think it is clear that the Lord is the one doing the work not me.  I like it that way, I get to know how he does things!

As far as Elder B and Elder W they are Traveling AP's.  That means that they basically live on the road.  They will work with every elder in the mission and go to every area in the course of a transfer.  So that basically means 8 weeks of straight travel.  When they are not on the road and they need to recuperate they come to our apartment.  They are usually with us one night a week. It is pretty cool to have them around though!  It is weird that I am seeing my last 3 companions all leave the mission at the same time. I am just happy that I have a little bit more time than they do.

The mission does not always have traveling assistants.  It happens about 2 times a year actually.  I think that they are mostly there so that we can get a better idea of how the mission is going.  I think it would be the the coolest job in the World!  They literally get to see the entire country.  It is not just any country either, its Norway, the prettiest country in the world!  That being said, I have been way blessed to see most of it already, so I can't really complain haha.

I am way glad to hear that you had such an awesome stake conference! It sounds like exciting things are happening at home!  That being said,  I hope that you enjoy yet another concert!  

We have a lot of different stuff we are doing here this week.  We are doing splits with Oslo on Thursday.  Elder E and I are finally going to be reunited!  I am way pumped for that.  Other than that we have a lot of different things to do this week.  Our area needs some serious work and we have a lot of office work that is keeping us back from it.  So we shall see what happens.  It should be a beautiful week though!


Jeg elsker deg!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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